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    This is the most often asked question by drag racers, and the answers are numerous. One of the best tools is "Your Buddy". Having him simply watching how your car leaves the starting line, and filming it is the best way to not only see your cars reaction, but to be able to take the video to a suspension expert for his advice. There are many causes, one which always comes to mind as a reason for not hooking is "Slippery Track Conditions". I hear this reason everytime I go to the track and I watch other vehicles run and their 60' times do not change from one week to the next indicating that traction must be there. How the car is set up is a big part of getting that initial "Hook" off the starting line. Street Strip cars don't normally cut 60' times in the 1.30's so unless you have killer horsepower and your car is set up correctly don't expect these type of 60' times. Getting your car to hook requires "weight transfer" I'll say it again, getting your car to hook requires "Weight Transfer"! What that means in a looser front end, (springs and shocks) and tighter rear end to force the tires to the ground. Now I'm no expert by any means, but I've been drag racing for 40 years, and I'm a National Event winner, so I've learned along the way what makes a car work. My street car cut's 60's in the low 1.40's ( 1.41 best) with a small tire and I've got many "wheels up" runs. I try to keep things simple, good suspension components that work together. For instance my torque arm is Spohn, it flat works, my shocks are QA1, I like being able to adjust them for track conditions, for instance; tight when the traction is great, and loose when the track is extremely hot and it slippery. Simple stuff, but racers always forget the simple stuff. Another trick I use is air bags in the rear springs, 5 pounds of air in the right spring and the car leaves straight, nothing else to mess with here. Now last, I will talk about tires, my personal preference is Hosiers, the new C07 compound flat works. I run 11 pounds of air after several trial runs using various air pressure to see what the car likes, that's where they stay. I've tried MT Drag Radials and one run is good the next is bad, then anothe good one, I had a consistency issue and when I bracket race, I need to be consistant. With the Hosiers, one Saturday night I dialed a 10:40 and ran four 10:40 in a row, getting to the semi's before losing. I just wanted to see if this old man still had the touch, and just plan have fun! So if I can help anyone, I will, and believe me I have others here that are more knowledgeable, so we can answer your questions. Now go drag racing!

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    You're obviously a very seasoned racer so my tips were not intended for you. I don't know how long you've been racing but I'm one of the old guys who's actually won the 1975 Summer Nationals in Stock Class racing. I've had a race only Chevelle and I currently own a high 9 second Street/Strip 94 Camaro (3500 pounds) that cuts 1.39 60' foots. I race just to have fun and will help anyone I can do the same. If you're ever in the Orlando Florida area I will welcome any new traction insites you can show me at the track.

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    10-4, I'll toast, but I drink 112! Big Blocks drink large gulps!

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