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Thread: '67, '68 & '69 Rear Spoilers

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    Default '67, '68 & '69 Rear Spoilers

    Does anybody out there know these questions about 1st gen. rear spoilers:

    1. Length and width(in inches-I know the late '69 is 3" longer)?

    2. Are they all fiberglass, or is there some that are plastic(injection molded)?

    3. Are the numbers on the back--- what are they?

    4. Are the numbers on back "raised" or "cut into" the fiberglass?

    Thanks, Merv

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    Default Re: '67, '68 & '69 Rear Spoilers

    All good questions, that I do not have the answer for. Maybe somebody else can jump in. My suggestion is to go here.

    Camaro Research Group. That website is very good a researching these types of questions. They have helped me alot during my project.

    Let us know what you find out.
    Good luck

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    Default Re: '67, '68 & '69 Rear Spoilers

    Suggest that you call Chris at Rick's 1st Gen. They are the experts, and I'm sure someone there can provide the answeres to your questions. The number is on the web site. Good Luck!

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