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  • Front light harness

    I bought a front light harness for my 67, and found out that because my alternator is on the passenger side, the wiring for the alternator either needs to be spliced and extended, or I need to find another harness, that with reach. I have a 67 STd set-up with warning lights and a external regulator.
    Any suggestions

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    Re: Front light harness

    I am not an expert on the wiring but I have seen alternators on both sides on 67-69 Camaros. The Z28s I have seen have the alternator on the Driver's side and some base Camaros I have seen have the alternators on the passenger side. Trying looking at a few Camaros at car shows this spring and summer and check to see if the wiring is different. Then perhaps you can find the correct wiring.
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      Re: Front light harness

      1967-68 cars have the alternator on the drivers side. 1969 they moved it to the passenger side. I found this by looking at the assembly manuals. It is not uncommon for people to rebuild engine compartment and move it to the 69 set up. My 67 was a victim of this and it was impossible to order anything because it was a hodgepodge of 67-68-69. I finally had to bite the bullet and convert it all over to the 67 set up. Which makes it easier now to buy things. I would try a 69 harness. I hope this helps.
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