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cost to build a camaro from scratch

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  • cost to build a camaro from scratch

    With so much reproduction parts available for the '69 camaro, I'm curious how much it would cost in parts and materials to build a basic stock one from scratch. Has anyone done the research to figure this out? I know there would be a lot of labor and other things involved, but I'm very curious how much the parts cost. Even a parts list of all the components would be helpful. I know a fortune can be spent in modern components, but I'm more curious about the "cheap" version, if there is such a thing. I've dreamt of building my own ever since I was a little kid.

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    Re: cost to build a camaro from scratch

    The aftermarket bodies that are produced are about $15,000 alone not counting the glass, wiring, interior, drivetrain and body work and paint. Could get very expensive quickly.

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      Re: cost to build a camaro from scratch

      That's what I figure as well. I'm curious if anyone has a total parts list for a Camaro. I see there are some sites that sell major sets of components, like complete interiors, complete wiring sets, complete sets of hardware, but there are so many other parts.

      I know that just getting the parts is only the beginning, labor to put them all together, cost for paint and other miscellaneous things will add to the cost, but I want to see if anyone has done any of the legwork on compiling a list of parts.

      I know that a few TV shows have built them. Muscle Cars on Spike built one from scratch the first season. Chop, Cut, Rebuild built a "modernized" Yenko tribute car in the last season. I think there are others that done the same. I'd love to see one of them make a parts list available for those who may be considering doing the same.


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        Re: cost to build a camaro from scratch

        Here is a body in a box build from Belair Bobs
        Assembly and paint Labor using a jig and rotisserie $22,000.00
        Kit cost $6,995.00
        Parts Shipping $295.00
        Crate Engine Chevrolet 475hp 383 Mild Street Turn Key Crate Engine $8,500.00
        Crate Transmission Keisler Tremec TKO 5speed $4495.00
        Subframe 67 68 69 Camaro SpeedTech Subframe Sub Frame $4,899.00
        Wheels and Tires 17" FOOSE LEGEND WHEELS RIMS TIRES CAMARO 1967-68-1969 $1,499.00
        Rear End EBAY 68 CAMARO 12 BOLT REAR END $850
        Rear Springs 67 68 69 CAMARO REAR LEAF SPRINGS $394.25
        1967 1968 Camaro Complete Wire Harness Kit Direct Fit $479.00
        Classic Instruments 1967 1968 Camaro Hot Rod Gauges $950.00
        67 1967 Camaro Firebird Window Glass Kit Coupe Tinted $700.00
        Black Carpet $169.00
        1967 Camaro Deluxe Pre-Assembled Bucket Seats In Black $1,395.00
        Dash pad black $150.00
        1967 Camaro Coupe Super Interior Kit Standard Black $789.00
        Exhaust $468.00
        Master Body Bolt Kit $199.00
        Front Marker Lamps $102.00
        Tail Lamp Assemblies $324.00
        Steering Column $373.00
        Steering Wheel $155.00
        Rear seat ebay $250.00
        Std Seat Belt Set $460.00
        Console $325.00
        Heater Delete Plates $149.00
        Complete weatherstrip kit $210.00
        67 68 Camaro Gas Tank Kit Neck Dual Unit Straps HDW $226
        fuel line $63.00
        GM 11" Delco Brake Booster Master Cylinder Disc Drum $295.00
        67-68 CAMARO BRAKE LINE CLIP SET $30.00
        67 Camaro, Rally Sport Front Conversion kit (all the parts for Front Grille and Headlamps) $1,395.00
        Door Handles $89.00
        Door Latches $160.00
        Door Strikers pair $24.00
        Hood Hinges with Springs $119.95.00
        Alternator $97.00
        Battery Tray and holddown $24.00
        Battery $109.00
        Horns $149.00
        1967 1968 1969 Chevy Camaro Aluminum Radiator w/Fan $234.00
        Radiaror Hoses $36.00
        Cap $6.00
        Coolant $40.00
        Oil $15.00
        Filter $3.00
        Vintage Air and Heating System $1249.00
        Ignition Switch and key set $58.00
        Wipers and arms $50.00
        Wiper Motor $85.00
        Wiper Switch $30.00
        Wiper Transmission $92.00
        1967-1968 Camaro & Firebird BRAKE/CLUTCH PEDAL ASSY $67.00
        1967 Gas Pedal THRU FIREWALL ASSEMBLY W/PAD&TRIM $53.00

        Total so far 62,485.00 , and I still think of many things to go, but this would give you close to a running car. At least three thousand dollors more. I tried to use assembly kits in order to keep prices down. I do not know how much you could save using a Dynacorn body instead of the kit due to all of the blocking and sanding is actually most of the cost of labor.

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          Re: cost to build a camaro from scratch

          Beautiful paint job. Thanks a lot for the list! I see you are going with a lot of upgraded parts as well. This is a good starting point for cost estimates and what can be skipped or less expensive options for lowering the overall cost.

          As for the cost of the body and bodywork. That's always a tradeoff, do the work yourself and pay in elbow grease or get someone else to do it and pay them for theirs.


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            Re: cost to build a camaro from scratch

            I always thought that it was best to get a junker for spare parts while doing your build, but after I have been doing my build, I really don't know how good of an idea that is. I am looking at all my parts, and I will be replacing everything by the time my car is finished. Money on a junker may be just that, except you can in some states use the Vin and Title from the old car on the new car as a rebodied car. Please follow the rules very close. If you do not destroy the old body, it may come back to haunt you.

            What is most important is that you enjoy and respect the build. Then you have something that is really yours.


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              Re: cost to build a camaro from scratch

              I'm currently working on a '75 vette for my uncle. Running tally has it at $34,000 (including the price of the car). New sbc 406, new T400 tranny. Between Ecklers and Corvette Central almost everything that can be replaced has been. I have about 6hrs left on it then it's body and paint time. And still need wheels and tires.
              I hope I don't get this carried away on my Camaro when I start on it next. But it's a $600 car in amazing good shape. I spent another $300 on a running '79 Pickup with a 454 that I'm going to drop in as-is. (original 350 is still running in the Camaro (barely) with 157,000 miles) I will install patch panels behind the rear wheels where it has rust and I will probably do the body and paint too.
              I got out of control with a CJ5 build about 8yrs ago and I swear I'm not going to do that again!! Still have the Jeep though

              '76 Camaro (2nd owner)