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    Hey everybody, I know my username is new, but I've actually been a member for awhile I just had to change emails and made a new account, so I'm familiar with the place.

    Ok, so for my creative writing class I had to write a few poems. Poetry is kind of labeled as something less than manly these days, despite this I LOVE poetry, and when the proffesor suggested we write about something we're passionate about I immediately endeavored to write every poem about classic cars, I dubbed my portfolio "The Chrome Poems"....Ha. The following poem got one of the better grades, and surging past my self consciousness, I thought I'd post it on here for you're feedback. I actually wrote some of it while sitting in my '77. It helped the process. Enjoy.

    By Josh Helms

    I am America, as are many things.

    My prime is ended, taken from me by the bastard sons of tomorrow

    Shunned in favor of invaders from foreign lands. I loved the competition.

    Yet now, I find my place of rest. The dirt rises to bury axel and caress undercarriage.

    Behind barns, in garages, unsympathetic salvage yards, buried in dust and filth and broken promises.

    I am become end, in myself I have felt finality. This, I accept.

    But you

    You are incapable of seeing an end

    Your sight reaches depths and times not seen for decades. In the spirit of a younger, proud America.

    You see me as more than rust and ruin

    I am buried under so much more than physical rubble , despite this, you choose to dig.

    You reach forth, seize and pull me to life… liberating me from defeat.

    You clean, scrub, scrape, peel, wipe, sand, paint, polish, replace, drill, weld.

    It’s hard. But you don’t stop.

    I lack the necessary heart… you put yours into me

    You restore my luster anew, a shine far greater.

    With craftsmanship unfathomable, you bathe me in precision.

    I swill gasoline, you forgive me.

    In my age, I struggle… you assist me.

    I bend and break, with loving concern you mend my shame

    I am far from practical, you don’t care

    All of these things you do for me, all of these things

    expecting nothing

    Your work, to you, is reward enough


    your unending kindness is not lost on me

    I will take you to speeds you only dream of.

    Through my indebted service, highways will be cast at your feet.
    I am old, but strong. I will protect you.

    No man will contest your dominion over the road.

    The road is mine.

    It always has been and ever shall be mine. And I bestow it to you with pride.

    You have delivered me into the future, through strife and fire. I am grateful.

    I trust you, and if you trust me

    I’ll bring you that horizon.

    We shall chase it together.

    I have many names. Camaro, Corvette, Chevelle, Mustang, GTO, Challenger, Barracuda but of all these

    My name is America.

    I am the child of a forgotten age, swept up in the tides of progression.

    And as the generations roll forward, they attempt to forget me completely.

    I watch the masses pass me by,

    but you

    You stop, turn to me

    You lay your hands upon me and say, “Don’t worry. You’re safe.”

    “And I’m not leaving you.”
    "Camaro, it's the name for a viscious animal that eats Mustangs."